Site Guide

A guide to the shopping facility

Product images

These are added via the Product Image panel.

Product types

Products are either physical or downloads. For downloads, both the Virtual and Downloadable boxes should be checked in the product’s Product Data panel.


The default shipping for each product is Flat Rate, which is currently set as free. We therefore need to add a shipping class for each product where shipping is to be charged – see the Shipping tab on each product’s Product Data panel.

Shipping zones

Shipping is set by zone, we currently have two zones – UK, and non-UK.
WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Zones

Shipping rates

We have two initial classes established – 1CD package and 2CD package – corresponding to the CD packages offered.
WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Classes
The rates for each class are then set within their zone.

Linked products

Products can include ‘chained’ free extras (ie for CD purchases to also include their corresponding digital download). These are set via the main product’s Linked Products tab in the Product Data panel, using the Chained Products field (can be multiple if required).


These can either be set via the Coupon Generator, or by adding a new coupon.
WooCommerce > Coupon Generator
WooCommerce > Coupons

Coupons can be set for particular products or categories, with the discount set as a percentage or fixed amount.


Products can have an extra field added, enabled and set in the Product Input field panel.


This can be managed via the Inventory tab on each product’s Product Data panel.